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Oahu Hiking

Hiking is a great free thing to do on Oahu. There are mild hikes easy for young families as well as advanced trails for hard core experts. We have waterfall hikes, beach hikes, rainforest hikes, and mountain hikes. Best of all, many of them are just a few minutes away from Waikiki.

Hike & Swim at Pele's Chair

Panoramic shot of Pele's chair near Makapuu on the Island of Oahu

Pele's Chair is a delightful hike and swim. A great free thing to do on Oahu.

It's an easy hike that’s fun for the whole family; a hike to Pele’s Chair trail brings you to a dramatic coastline, legendary rock formations, and one of the best natural seawater pools on the island.

Roundtrip Distance: 1.3mi. Difficulty: Easy. Great for all ages.

Characteristics: Relatively level, smooth terrain until the very end where you can scale a short hill if you wish. This is more walk than hike so you should have no problems.

Kaiwi Coastline Hike

Your view as you hike the Kaiwi Coastline

The Kaiwi Coastline Hike is more like a nice walk on the beach but the rugged nature of the place feels like a hike.

This is a wonderful free thing to do on Oahu. It's easy for the whole family and there's an incredibly varied landscape to explore.

Roundtrip Distance: .7mi. Difficulty: Easy. Great for all ages.

Characteristics: Sandy beach, lots of tidepools, inland streams and tiny bays. Lots to explore. Something for everyone.

Makapu`u Lighthouse Trail

makapuu lighthouse

The hike to the Makapu`u lighthouse can be as easy as a mild uphill walk or as crazy as a raw mountain climb over precarious cliffs. You decide.  The easy way is to just stay on the paved service road and you'll be taken to incredible vistas and fabulous ocean views.

Roundtrip Distance: 2.5mi. Elevation: approx 500ft. Difficulty: Easy. Great for all ages.

Characteristics: Medium-grade uphill walk.

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Hiking Gear Guide

Experienced hikers know what to bring, and here’s a guide for the rest of us:

• Water (lots!)

• Hat, large enough to give you plenty of shade. Personally I like the large “Chinese” hats.

• Good hiking shoes. Either that or go barefoot, like I do!

• Light lunch for your reward at the end of the trail.

• Nuts and energy snacks for along the way of particularly long hikes.

• Camera

• Sunscreen

• Binoculars

• Depending on conditions, leave a change of shoes and clothes in the car.

• GPS unit.

• Walkie-talkies for the group.

• Wireless phone