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Snorkeling & Scuba Explore beautiful living color coral reefs and make friends with tropical fish and sea turtles. We'll show you just where to go.
Weddings I met the love of my life here, had the most romantic night of my life here, and then got married here, on the beach. We know romance!
Beaches We believe Oahu has the best beaches. Go surfing, swim in crystal clear waters, or explore infinite coral tide pools along the shore. Explore our Oahu Beaches guide
Hanauma Bay It's Nature's aquarium that you can swim in. See reefs, tropical fish, and snorkeling like never before. Visit our Hanauma Bay Section
Hiking Trails Hiking Oahu means discovering its raw, hidden beauty. Whether its picture-perfect waterfalls or hike to secret natural swimming pools, we'll take you there. Review our hiking trails now.  

Hike to the Makapuu Lighthouse

If you're looking for a relatively easy hike with breathtaking views, this is the one.


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Take in the Ocean view from the Beach at Kaiwi wallpaper

ocean view southeast kaiwi shore oahu, hawaii

If you can't be here in person, you can certainly enjoy this gorgeous view of the southeast shore of Oahu, Hawaii, also known as the Ka`iwi Coast. These beautiful wallpapers are sized for dual screen, wide screen, and VGA screen monitors.

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Swimming at Hanauma Bay

Center beach of Hanauma Bay

While Hanauma Bay might be known for it’s outstanding snorkeling, it’s also the best swimming beach on this side of the island. Besides its outstanding facilities including food, lifeguards, snorkel rentals, and a shuttle service, this beach is a great place for swimmming. drug lawyer


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Go in a Lava Tube Cave

Lava tube cave at Halona Beach Cove

Nearly hidden from everyone’s view, yet in the middle of Halona Beach Cove – the Here to Eternity Beach, there is a long dark lava tube which was formed by rapidly moving lava flows millions of years ago.

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Jump in the Pool at Pele's Chair

Child jumping off pole by Pele's chair near Makapuu, island of Oahu

This has to be one of the funnest pools on Oahu. For those young at heart, you can “walk the plank” and jump off the flattened telephone poll that acts as a diving board. The water is relatively shallow and has a sandy bottom that gives the place a tropical turqoise look when the sun is out.


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Latest Oahu Alerts

  • Box Jellyfish Watch
    Browse to the Hawaii Beach Safety Website to get complete information for this Box Jellyfish Watch. Box jellyfish normally arrive in the near shore waters 7 to 11 days after the full moon, however, they may be found in the near shore waters at any time. if you see or are stung by a box jellyfish please notify Ocean Safety immediately by dialing "911" or via this website. Check with lifeguards or walk the shoreline to check for box jellyfish before entering the water. If you are stung, flush the affected area with copious amounts of white vinegar and use heat or cold for pain. Seek immediate medical attention if you experience breathing difficulty. The next box jellyfish influx is expected on September 20 to 23, 2011 This RSS feed is under development. More information will be made available here soon. (4/27/2008)** This event is set to expire at 9/26/2011 2:57:03 PM HST.**

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